Even the Rich and Famous Have to File Bankruptcy

June 8, 2012

Even the Rich and Famous Have to File Bankruptcy

How the “Rich” Cope With Having to File Bankruptcy

Celebrities, Politicians, Movie Stars, Famous Pop Stars, and even professional athletes find it necessary to file for chapter 13 or chapter 7 bankruptcy.  Filing for bankruptcy protection is something that can happen to everyone.  It is pretty evident that anyone from any walk of life can and will declare bankruptcy. There are many things that can cause financial problems.  Financial problems can be caused by divorce, lawsuits, medical problems, or even by the economy.  Many things can impact a person’s financial situation and leave them in a situation where they have to consider some form of debt relief.

The rich and famous are much like everyone else when it comes to unforeseen financial problems. Perhaps one of the things that happen to famous people is that they are “pushed” into a lifestyle that takes a lot of money to maintain.  There is quite an extensive list of notable persons who have filed personal bankruptcies.  It is evident that financial problems do not single out people in any one income bracket or profession.  A financial crisis can affect anyone at any point in our lives and careers. Americans, so it seems, regardless of appearances, are struggling to manage their financial situations.

Please take a look at the list below as you will recognize several names. There are famous actors, entertainers, athletes, and politicians. We did not post this list to embarrass anyone, we posted this list of famous people who have filed for bankruptcy to  show that you are not alone in filing for bankruptcy.  Hard financial times can happen to anyone and the experienced bankruptcy lawyers and attorneys at our Arizona law firm believe that everyone deserves a “Fresh Start”.  Contact an Arizona Bankruptcy Attorney today.



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