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Getting a divorce is a difficult decision. It is important to seek advice from a family law attorney who provides you with the utmost attention and compassion. Filing for divorce in Tucson, AZ can be a long and devastating experience. Our experienced Tucson divorce lawyers and divorce attorneys will ensure that your assets, parental rights, and best interests are protected from the get go. If you’re going through a divorce in Tucson, Arizona, you probably have a lot weighing on your mind.  When you work with a divorce attorney from our Tucson divorce law firm, our lawyers and attorneys will guide you through the legal issues related to your divorce so that you can focus on moving forward with your life.

A Tucson divorce lawyer from our team can:

  • Help you resolve child custody and visitation disputes
  • Negotiate spousal support payments
  • Negotiate child support payments
  • Fight to keep your parental rights intact
  • Negotiate the division of property and protect your marital assets

Understanding Divorce in Tucson, Arizona

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When speaking of divorce proceedings in Tucson, Arizona, it is always wiser to partake in negotiations to come to a compromise that satisfies both parties. This is because if the divorce case goes to trial, both parties are essentially giving up any control they may have over the case, and leaving it up to the Arizona Family Court Judge to come to a resolution. The judge will make this decision based on limited knowledge of the couple.  Our trusted divorce lawyers will guide you every step of the way through the process of divorce in Tucson.

That being said, there may be extremely complex factors that disallow the two parties from finding any common ground, in which case going to trial may be the only and most applicable course of action. Nowadays, opposing lawyers have even begun to work in tandem for the mutual benefit of the divorcing parties, through a procedure known as collaborative divorce.  Know well that we have some of the best Tucson divorce lawyers and we will aggressively represent you in your family law pursuits.

While our Tucson family law lawyers can help you resolve your case through negotiation and mediation (where appropriate), if litigation is necessary, our Tucson divorce attorneys and Tucson divorce lawyers will be right there by your side every step of the way. Our Tucson family law firm will do all that we can to expedite your divorce while protecting your best interests. Contact our Tucson Family Law Firm today to speak with a family law lawyer about your divorce or family law case.

Legal Separation in Tucson, AZ

A legal separation is very similar to a dissolution of marriage or divorce, except with a legal separation in Tucson, AZ, the partners cannot marry again.  Every other aspect of a legal separation is very similar to a divorce in terms of spousal maintenance, custody, child support, and the disposition of the shared property.

An Arizona Divorce Court mat agree to a legal separation if:

  • Residency requirements are met.  (One of the parties must have either lived in Arizona for 90 days before filing the petition)
  • Both parties express the desire to live separately. (The marriage is irretrievably broken)
  • Conciliation provisions laid out in Arizona Revised Statutes are not met or don’t apply.
  •  Both parties involved in the Legal Separation agree to it.

Should I file for divorce first?

If you believe that your spouse is about to file a Divorce Petition, that your marriage is irreconcilable,  or that your spouse may dispose of assets; there could be significant advantages to filing for divorce first in Tucson, Arizona. In addition, filing for divorce first generally determines who will present evidence first at trial if one becomes necessary. Our experienced Tucson divorce attorneys and Tucson divorce lawyers will evaluate your family law case and determine when it would be best to file your Divorce Petition with the court.  Visit our Tucson divorce attorneys and get representation for your family law matter.  Our Tucson family law office is located in downtown Tucson, Arizona at the corner of Congress Street and Stone Avenue.  Our law office is on the 9th floor of the Chase bank building in downtown Tucson, AZ.  Get more information about our Tucson Family Law office.

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