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Divorce Lawyers in Phoenix, Arizona

Our affordable Phoenix divorce lawyers offer free family law consultations.  Family law issues are usually emotionally charged and turbulent. Unless both parties cooperate to resolve their dispute out of court, family matters can be traumatic and very expensive. If you are involved in a family crisis, it is critical that you seek qualified legal counsel to effectively and efficiently guide you through this complex area of law while promoting your best interests. When you’re not at your best, the lawyer you have should be.

In Phoenix, Arizona, and the surrounding areas, you should call Legal Help AZ, for any family law matters, divorce, child custody, or any domestic relations matters. Our experienced family law attorneys and lawyers will get you the best possible solutions at the lowest legal rates.

Our Phoenix Family Law Attorneys practice includes representation in matters involving:

  • Divorce and Legal Separation: You and your spouse may be in complete agreement, involved in a heated battle, or somewhere between. We will help you find the best path to resolution of issues.
  • Alimony Payments: We will evaluate the earning potential of both parties, and insist on a fair spousal support arrangement.
  • Family Law Rights: Husbands’, wives’, mothers’, fathers’ and grandparents’ rights to support and visitation are at the core of many divorce disputes.
  • Child Visitation and Child Custody:  Children need to know that they will still have two parents after the divorce.  Our Phoenix family law firm will help you find the agreement that is in the best interests of the children.
  • Collaborative Law: Collaborative law techniques can help you and your family minimize the animosity and financial impact of divorce.
  • Property Division: Our Phoenix Family Law Lawyers have the experience to evaluate a couple’s estate and consider all implications of each option in the division of property.
  • Post Divorce Modifications: Our Phoenix Divorce Lawyers can assist you with any modifications or changes necessary after your divorce or legal separation.

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Divorce Attorneys in Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix Family Law Attorneys

Our family law lawyers at Legal Help AZ, guide clients through difficult times in pursuit of a timely, cost-effective resolution to legal issues involving family relationships, divorce, custody, and family law rights.

Contact our Phoenix Family Law and Divorce Attorneys at our Phoenix, AZ  (480-263-1699) or our Glendale, AZ (623-640-4945) family law office today for a review of possible strategies and options. All initial consultations are FREE and no obligation appointments.  Our Phoenix divorce lawyers are ready to assist you with all of your family law needs.