Criminal Charges in Arizona, DON’T Plead Guilty!

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July 26, 2011

If you find yourself charged with a crime in Arizona, don’t plead guilty to that crime.  Seek out an experienced Arizona criminal lawyer and have him take a look at your case.  Many quality criminal lawyers in Phoenix, Mesa, and Tucson, AZ offer free initial consultations.  Take advantage of the free evaluation and legal advice and visit with an Arizona criminal attorney, no matter how minor or major your offense may be.  It’s better to be safe than sorry (or incarcerated.)

While visiting with a qualified Arizona criminal lawyer, you should find out all of the options you have regarding the criminal charges pending against you.  Arizona criminal lawyers like those at Legal Help AZ fight for people charged with crimes in criminal courts throughout Arizona.  Please just remember; DO NOT plead guilty to any crime without first seeking the help of an attorney. Your future freedom may depend upon it.

If you have not yet retained an attorney, (or possibly even if you have), the prosecutor or district attorney may jump at the opportunity to try and force you into pleading guilty to the crime that you have been charged. Prosecutors will offer you what they will call a “one time” or “special” deal.  Don’t buy into their lies.

The police, prosecutors, and district attorneys can and will lie to you!  They are not your friends and not on your side. They are simply trying to bolster their own careers and are quite often more concerned about convicting you than they are about finding out the real truth.  For some reason, the police and prosecutors don’t recognize the “Innocent Until Proven Guilty” concept that the justice system of The United States is built upon.  Don’t do these people any favors, they will not do any for you.  In you are questioned or arrested, exercise your right to remain silent and ask for an attorney, no, demand an attorney!  Don’t let the police or prosecutors bully or trick you.

When dealing with the police and prosecutors, get in touch with a criminal lawyer immediately as there could be legal technicalities and rules not followed, procedural or police mistakes, or many other situations that an experienced defense attorney will pick apart, and get all the charges dismissed. Police make mistakes all the time. If a prosecutor or detective talk you into a quick plea, that’s it, your options are over, you’ve admitted guilt, and you’re stuck yourself with a criminal record (a public record), for the rest of your life. When making such a serious decision, don’t you want the help of a qualified professional?

If you find yourself in such a situation, please take advantage of our free legal case evaluation and free consultation to find out exactly what our lawyers, professionals, and experts can do for you. At your free consultation, you’ll get to tell your side of the story, you’ll get a chance to ask questions, find out what you are facing, and in the worst case, what is most likely to happen to you. Contact us today at (480) 263-1699 or in the Tucson Area at (520) 306-8729.  We have conveniently located offices, offer night and weekend appointments, plus, there is no obligation to you.  Don’t wait. Call us today!


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