Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes to Divorce

July 5, 2012

Divorce is Tough, no matter who you are.  Divorce can happen to anyone and does happen even to the best couples.

Well, I don’t think it would be right to write a blog about divorce without giving some thoughts on the biggest entertainment news story ever. (Pardon the sarcasm) Maybe because, um, you breathe, you’ve heard about it.  Much is being made of the upcoming divorce between Tom Crusie and Katie Holmes.  The couple is parting ways after 5 years of marriage.  The couple, who married in November 2006 in a lavish Italian ceremony, are parents to daughter Suri, 6.

Good news, ladies! Tom Cruise is back on the market! Oh, sorry, I suppose it is pretty brutal and shameless, and heartless to feel giddiness at the expense of other’s misfortunes.  (Ladies:  Tom Cruise is going to be single again!)  So all of the Tom Cruise Fans that have been secretly (or publicly) envying Mrs. Tom Cruise for the past five years are following the drama of the surprising divorce as it publicly plays out.

So, what does Cruise stand to lose?  Even though he did do most of his stunts in the MI movies, and even though he can apparently sing as well as any ‘80s hairband lead singer, the seemingly unstoppable, super powerful, man, is just that.  A man with a career, a family, a child, and now a man facing a divorce.  It’s unfortunate, but even with all the aforementioned qualities that make Cruise a Hollywood god, I’m guessing that a divorce hurts just as much as it does my co-worker who hasn’t a claim to fame.  What do I know?  Maybe (evidently?) divorces in Hollywood aren’t really that big of a deal.  Are we supposed to be thrilled or shocked that Holmes and Cruise lasted 5 years?  I’m sorry, I don’t care who you are, divorce sucks.  Although many women dream about being Tom Cruise’s next wife, ( Think about it, desperate and sloppy fourths, really?)  You can’t be delusional enough to know that both Cruise and Holmes, no matter what their stardom, no matter what the publicity —  will have some hard decisions to make, and some unhappy times resulting from the split.

This divorce is just a divorce not unlike what thousands of people endure every year.  For crying out loud, Entertainment Tonight had an hour long “special” on this news-breaking tragedy.  Seriously, after 15 minutes into watching the special, I had to ask someone if Tom Cruise just got divorced? Or did he die?  Because they were tributing his entire life as if his life was over.  This split may be a personal matter for both Cruise and Holmes but it definitely will be played out in the public eye.

I still stand by my statement that no matter what your status in life, whether your divorce makes it on to TMZ or not, it’s still a difficult, uncomfortable, and scary thing to have to go through.   Divorce happens to every type of person in every walk of life.  If you are considering filing for divorce or are in the middle of a messy divorce, please realize, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Cruise, who currently stars in “Rock of Ages,” recently spoke about Holmes in Playboy saying: “She is an extraordinary person, and if you spent five minutes with her, you’d see it. Everything she does, she does with this beautiful creativity. She’s funny and charming, and when she walks into the room, I just feel better. I’m a romantic. I like doing things like creating romantic dinners, and she enjoys that.”  If you believe what he says, this divorce will be Tom’s  next difficult project to tackle.

According to the press, Katie Holmes will walk away with the cash she brought in to the marriage, per a pre-nup.  According to TMZ, Holmes is asking for legal custody of  Suri,  primary residential custody, and a “suitable amount of child support” from Cruise.

Maybe Katie didn’t tie the knot for the money.

So if you are going through a divorce, does it help to know that even the seemingly greatest couple doesn’t  “have it all,” after all?  Divorce touches on the same tough issues no matter who is having to go through it.   If you are facing a possible divorce or separation, seek assistance of an experienced family law attorney and make sure to do it right the 1st time.


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