DUI Lawyers in Tucson, AZ

April 2, 2012

Tucson DUI Attorneys

Were you arrested on criminal charges or pulled over on a DUI or traffic violation in the Tucson, Arizona area?  If so, you will need a strong defense and smart legal advice to protect your rights, your license, your freedom and your future. Our Tucson DUI lawyers and Tucson DUI attorneys can assist you with all aspects of DUI in Tucson, Arizona including: Arizona DUI Laws, penalties for driving under the influence in Tucson, Arizona, Arizona driver’s license revocations, field sobriety tests in Tucson, Arizona, the criminal court process regarding DUI, expensive post DUI car insurance, life after a DUI arrest, restricted Arizona driver’s license information, and other necessary need to know information regarding a DUI arrest in the state of Arizona.

Have you have been arrested, or have been charged with any kind of misdemeanor or felony charges in Tucson, Oro Valley, and Marana, Arizona? Your freedom and future depend on getting the right Tucson criminal defense attorney on your side as quickly as possible. The experienced attorneys at Legal Help AZ offer aggressive representation with the knowledge and experience to best represent you if you find yourself charged with a crime in Tucson, Arizona . Call a Criminal Lawyer Now!  Don’t wait as waiting may cost you your freedom

Possible Consequences of a DUI Conviction in Tucson, Marana, and Oro Valley, AZ

  • Possible Jail Time
  • Fines, Impound Fees, Tow Charges
  • Increased Insurance Rates
  • Tucson DUI Attorney Legal Expenses
  • Suspension of your Arizona Driver’s License
  • Misdemeanor or felony charges

Tucson Criminal Law Attorneys

Drunk driving in Arizona can be a felony charge if you have prior convictions, and even a first offense DUI carries severe consequences. Our Tucson DUI attorneys aggressively challenge your arrest for drunk driving and will attempt to get charges dropped or reduced.  Our experienced Tucson DUI attorneys will exhaust all avenues to avoid jail, preserve your driving privileges and keep the Tucson DUI off of your driving record.  The longer you wait, the worse your outcome can be, contact our Tucson area DUI lawyers today to schedule a free consultation about your case. Let our TUcson DUI attorneys and Tucson DUI lawyers take the worry out of your life and get you back on track to a brighter future.

The consequences and penalties a person faces for a Arizona DUI offense are getting tougher every year. Even if you are facing a misdemeanor DUI charge, do not think for a minute that just because it is a misdemeanor charge that you can represent yourself in court without hiring an experienced Tempe, Arizona DUI attorney to represent you and have the charges against you reduced or even quite often dismissed.  Let our experienced criminal and DUI lawyers take a look at your case.  Our DUI law firm offers FREE Initial DUI Consultations (either in person or by phone).  We offer evening and weekend consultations for your convenience. Your FREE Tucson DUI consultation is completely a no obligation consultation with one of our experienced Tucson DUI attorneys.


CALL (520) 306-8729 for a FREE, No Obligation DUI Consultation.

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