Get Rid of Your Credit Card Debt by Filing Bankruptcy

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May 10, 2011

If you are like many of the people in Arizona, you could probably handle your day to day debt until credit card offers started coming in promising low interest rates and no annual fees. These credit cards seemed like a solution to your problems and a source of extra money for gifts, trips, and to pay bills.  You probably agreed to one or more of these to-good-to-be-true offers.  Undoubtedly, additional credit card offers quickly followed. Every new credit card application gave you a chance to transfer your balance and increase your credit limit, which you probably did. Suddenly, you found yourself juggling monthly payments while paying late fees and penalties.  You face the scary reality that you may never recover from what seemed like harmless credit card involvement. Does this situation sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone.

Many people compound their financial problems by failing to properly handle a credit card, minimum monthly payments, and fluctuating interest rates. This can be a recipe for financial disaster.  Credit card debt doesn’t usually stand alone, credit card debt is often accompanied by other financial problems such as owning real estate that will not sell (especially in this market), a loss of your current credit, the inability to make mortgage payments, the possible loss of employment, the failure to get “new” credit, even the loss of stock value, forfeitures, repossessions, foreclosures, termination of utilities, default judgments, wage garnishments, high interest-rate mortgages, creditor harassment, and unreasonable practices by collection agencies. Don’t wait for these things to happen. Contact a trusted bankruptcy attorney today.

Who is going to help you when you find yourself “Drowning in Debt”?  Not all government programs are helpful.  Recent changes in federal laws governing credit card usage caused consumer’s interest rates to double and triple. These changes were meant as a way to protect consumers but have caused many issues by creating a larger burden of debt.  Filing for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection is one program offered by the federal government that can rid you of all of your unsecured credit card debt once and for all.


Although some people believe that debt management services like debt consolidation or by negotiation with creditors for more manageable payments will resolve their problems, most debt professionals believe that bankruptcy maybe the best option. Mesa Bankruptcy attorneys are quick to remind people in debt that debt settlement agencies are not regulated by the government and cannot guarantee favorable results.  Bankruptcy is regulated by the federal government and is a viable option.


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